Lately, I have been getting a lot of inquiries for Lifestyle sessions. While I focus primarily on weddings and engagements, I will make certain exceptions (mainly for past clients and friends) and delve into the world of family and lifestyle photography. I wanted to create this resource for my clients to explain the kind of photography I do and do not do when it comes to these sessions! Definitely reach out for pricing and availability if the info below applies to you!

Baby Announcement

I do in fact do Baby Announcements but I would recommend announcing your own way! I am not a fan of smoke bombs and do not photograph gender reveal parties or baby showers. With an announcement, I find it best to stage a photograph during a maternity session if you so desire like the Chips!

Baby Shower

I have stepped away from event photography. Should you want a baby shower captured, I can easily refer you names!


This is the one genre of lifestyle I love capturing! These sessions feel like an engagement session with a little more emphasis on your tummy! If your partner doesn’t want to join, no problem! I also love capturing women in their mother-to-be stage. My favorite is when gowns and flowers are involved! Check out Adleigh’s Maternity Session and Lara’s South Florida Maternity Session for some inspiration!

Birth Session

I do not do these. Should you be looking for someone with a documentary style to capture your birth, I can happily refer you some names. I don’t like hospitals!

Posed Newborn

This is an entire genre in itself. This is a style I also do not photograph. This requires props, pillows, heating pads, lighting and a whole host of baby soothing skills that I do not possess. Again, should this be your ideal photo style, you want to snap these when your newborn is under 2 weeks and I can also refer you names!

In Home Lifestyle 

This is my second favorite genre of lifestyle but it very much depends on the family and location! I love shooting in beautiful, well-lit nurseries and bedrooms with great natural light and a clean aesthetic. This also requires relaxed parents because sometimes, babies cry. If you get stressed, they get stressed! I am all about capturing this stage of your life, as is, now. If your kiddo is upset most of the time then that is what I will capture! It’s worth celebrating this stage in your life even if it isn’t picture perfect.

Cake Smash/Birthdays

I have stepped away from event photography. Should you want birthday pictures or cake smashes, I can easily refer you names!

Annual Family Session

Although I do not offer mini-sessions or annual holiday portraits, I do make the occasional concession for past clients and close friends for a full one hour session. Check out The Mukherjis for some family style inspiration! Should you want quick images for a family Christmas card or yearly portrait, I can send you to a wonderful professional in the area who will happily capture these for you!



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