1) Why the name Dogwood Lane? 

Dogwood Lane is the first street I ever grew up on in Connecticut. I also love dogwood in general. It is the state flower of Virginia and North Carolina (where Ben and I met). We have framed dogwood hung in our home! 

2) When is the best light in the studio?

If you’re coming into my studio, the best light is late morning about 2 hours after sunrise (time varies during season). Shooting later in the day is also great as well! Really any time the sun is shining!

3) Any beauty tips? 

Beauty experts are welcome to my studio but travel costs are incurred by the client! I would schedule hair and makeup for about 1-2 hours before the session. Check out all my prep tips here.  

4) What mementos can I create of my session?

I offer a number of physical products for gifting purposes! If you’d like an album for a certain date, be sure to order 4-6 weeks prior to your gifting date! I have sample albums and products in my studio for you to see before you order! 

5) What if I want a session in my own home? 

No problem! Most sessions take place in my studio in Falls Church, Virginia. Should you want to rent a space or use a personal bedroom, please email me images of the space so I can ensure a consistent look based on natural light!

6) Do you edit all images?

I edit ever image on Lightroom. I do some light retouching for color correction and lighting but extensive retouching must be outsourced for $10 an image.



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