I have known Allison for nearly 10 years now! We actually went to high school together in Delray Beach, Florida. Because the world is extremely small, it just so turns out that I would be in her neck of the woods during my trip out west! I got the opportunity to photograph her adorable family and meet her little rugrats, Zach & Adelaide during an early morning session at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

She and Myles met at Brigham Young, fell in love and made roots in the Utah area. I loved getting to see these two as parents. I had so many questions for Allison since she is one of my first friends to have kids! I wanted to know what it’s like being a mother and how it feels raising a family. The thing she said that stuck with me the most was to not be so hard on yourself. Parents make mistakes and learn. Allison definitely made me feel like motherhood wasn’t this big scary title but more just another stage of life that you embrace and then roll with the punches.



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