When your high school bestie has her first baby, you immediately fly home to meet her! I cannot believe that I am posting this entry. Lara and I met in Mr. Hock’s Biology class when I was 13 years old. When I decided to launch my business, her and Louis were the most supportive humans on the planet. It’s so funny to see how my business and her family has grown simultaneously!

It’s a surprise to no one that Lara’s nursery is perfect. Even growing up, Lara was the definition of all things glam, femme and pink so it stands to reason that Olivia’s nursery was exactly how I pictured it. When snapping the basket of bows I asked “Lare, what would you have done if you had a boy?” She said “bought a lot of monogrammed everything.” I love this little family and am so happy to be able to capture this phase in their lives. Here are my favorite snaps from their session!



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