Jenna and JJ were introduced by mutual friends. They met at a concert in DC but almost like an episode of How I Met Your Mother, JJ ended up on TWO blind dates at once! He had to run up and down the flights of stairs at the club to entertain two set-ups from different groups of friends that unbeknownst to him, unintentionally fell on the same evening! What are the odds!

These two reunited at another event weeks later and have been inseparable since. These two city goers wanted to snap engagement photos at Union station and in Georgetown, actually right in front of JJ’s office. These two were all smiles at sunrise (maybe thanks to the champagne). We chatted all about their New Mexico wedding and how they can’t wait to tie the knot in Jenna’s hometown with a South western feel complete with a tequila donkey! Here are my favorite shots from my morning with this laid back couple!



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