This couple right here has my heart! They have a sweetness about them that is unrivaled. They actually met in 6th grade and have been dating for over 9 years… and it shows! They have an easy nature around one another that can only be developed by time. They have a deep history and spend lots of time with family. Vincent even proposed at the Jersey Shore surrounded by siblings and family!

We had so much fun wandering around the Winery at Bull Run. It was overcast so we had even light everywhere! We played in the leaves and explored all the property had to offer. Courtney is a teacher at Kipp so naturally, we had to split a bottle of wine and talk about teaching woes for an hour after this session! You know it’s a good time when all you want to do is hang out after 2 hours of shooting. I can’t wait for their 2020 wedding at Great Marsh! Here are my favorites from our fall afternoon!



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