I met Victoria over a year ago! I was hired to photograph her sister’s wedding at the Josephine Butler Parks Center. Victoria is a photographer herself AND was a bridesmaid. I myself have been in this position and know what it’s like to want to take pictures of your loved one getting married! I encouraged her to snap some images during the day and she was the biggest help during their Alex’s day! Fast forward to THIS fall and Victoria is engaged herself!

Paul and Victoria totally speak my language as a couple. They both proposed to each other on their trip to Europe! Paul even has his own engagement ring: YAY EQUALITY! These two decided to snap engagement session photos around Dupont Circle and Embassy Row, the setting for their DC romance! Although it saddens me to say… these two are actually moving to California super soon! I love their adventurous spirit and I know they will build a life of laughter and fun on the west coast! Here are some of my favorite images from the day!



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