I just HAD to separate this session into 2 parts! I am obsessed with California light and this couple so the amount of photos I want to share is overwhelming. We spent the morning at Baker Beach with their puppy Scout for a classic San Francisco sunrise engagement session. But we also had our hearts set on Sutro Baths. After hitting up Baker Beach, we went over the the baths to find they were lit with insanely harsh front facing light. We decided then and there to comeback at sunset right before my redeye flight home.

I don’t know if you can tell from these images but the Sutro Baths were PACKED. That is one thing about California, everyone wants to be outside and everyone appreciates a good sunset. The West Coasters were more than lovely and moved for us to get a few iconic shots at the coast. Here are my favorite film snaps of Katie & Matthias at sunset! Thanks to The Find Lab for developing the film!


  1. Morganmoosphotography@gmail.con says:

    Holy moly you are insanely talented!!!!! These tones, this light holy crap.


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