Alicia and Kenny were visiting just in time for the cherry blossoms! These two eloped and and never actually got formal portraits captured so they thought they should get all gussied up and celebrate their love with an anniversary session! These two met at the Renaissance hotel in DC before their program trip to Korea so it seemed fitting that they would snap photos where it all began. Although Alicia is from the midwest, they plan to have a bigger ceremony in Alaska where this Kenny is from!

We started our morning at the Lincoln Memorial. Even though there aren’t any blossoms near Lincoln, this is where Kenny proposed so the monument holds a special place in their hearts. During this session, Alicia even got her purse stolen! Crazy, right?! She didn’t let it steal her joy and they both had a stunning attitude the rest of the session and their smiles never faded. Here are some of my favorite snaps from our sunrise D.C. Cherry Blossom session together!



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