As soon as I Facetimed Marie & Rachel, I knew we were the perfect fit. These two love hanging out at the brewery with their pupper, relaxed evenings by the water and each other. After hearing about their wedding vision at Stone Tower, I could so easily picture a day filled with good times and amazing friendships. If their engagement session was any indication of wedding day, it’s going to be amazingly fun, beautiful and laid back!

My favorite thing about these two, besides their uncontrollable laughter when posing for pictures, is that they are so go-with-the-flow and TRUST me with my job! They had a vision of one crosswalk shot and some waterfront photos for their engagement and that was it! I love that I got to walk around the city and get to know these two while snapping photos anywhere that felt inspiring! Here are some of my favorite snaps from their engagement! Can’t wait to see these two in white dresses with huge smiles and some Stone Tower Wine.



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