A series of fortuitous events led me to photographing Kristin & Shae’s engagement. Three years back, I attended a photography conference with a gal named Carly. Years later, we would take an epic road trip through America that was not only my first camping experience but also a trip that would stay in my heart forever. When I told her that I was going to Morocco, she said that her Tahoe friends had moved there to open a Riad and they also happened to be engaged! I reached out to Kristin only to find that she and her fiance Shae are the most WONDERFUL people on the planet and spent 2 lovely afternoons with us in Marrakech eating incredible food and snapping engagement photos in two insanely Moroccan places: Amanjena & Scarabeo.

Talking about life in Marrakech over chicken tagine with these two must have been one of my favorite experiences while traveling. When you visit a country where you don’t speak the native language fluently, you only get a snapshot of what life is like based on your outsiders perspective. Talking about labor laws, grocery shopping and everyday life with Kristin and Shae was insanely eye opening. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY UPROOTED THEIR LIVES IN AMERICA TO OPEN A HOTEL IN MOROCCO? We were able to tour their Riad and share a $5 wine that was incredible. They truly inspired me to live boldly, take risks and jump head first into your dreams. Here are my favorite snaps from their all film engagement session in Morocco.



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