Cloisters Castle Engagement | Maryland Wedding Photographer Kir Tuben

After talking to Ashley and Sean, I KNEW they had to do their engagement session someplace epic and magical. Ashley does cos-play in her free time so I just knew that Cloisters Castle was the perfect setting for her Beauty and the Beast vibes. We traveled to Maryland and had the castle all to ourselves! We explored the multi-level castle complete with suits of armor and a library that would make Belle jealous! At the end of the session, Ashley even adorned a crown to complete their regal look! Sean was an excellent sport with the photos and had a wonderful time exploring the grounds with his soon to be wife!

Cloisters Castle Engagement | Maryland Wedding Photographer Kir Tuben

We ended our session at the Rawlings Conservatory. I think the greenhouse provided a nice balance to the ornate images we took at Cloisters… a look for every occasion! I can’t wait for their magical wedding at Sylvanside Farm this fall. I know we will have more magic to create on wedding day! Here are my favorite snaps from our morning at our private castle.

             Cloisters Castle Engagement Session | Maryland Wedding Photographer Kir Tuben

  1. Janet Kennedy says:

    Oh how beautiful! Everything about them, including her ring. Lots of Luck and Happiness to you both.


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