Some engagement sessions seem so surreal. I have known Emily for over a decade; I actually met her in 2007 on my recruiting trip to Duke! She ended up being my ‘big sister’ on the swim team and part of Sprint Club so we would train together every day. We have seen each other through all walks of life: dating in college, changing jobs, moving all throughout the DC area… you name it! I remember when she first told me about William. He was first described as “this guy I’m kind of seeing on my masters team” and now they’re getting married! I couldn’t have picked a better partner for Emily. I knew that he was the one for her when I asked her what she liked about William after they’d been dating awhile. She said, “He just makes my life better, you know?”

We began the morning at the Lincoln Memorial. These two live in DC and have spent their whole relationship in this city so it only made sense that they would have quintessential photos taken at the DC monuments. We walked to Constitution gardens and had the whole mall to ourselves at sunrise. We ended at the spot where they met: Haines Point. The pool was under construction and the bench where they would first hang out and talk wasn’t exactly picturesque but this was my favorite part of the whole morning. Going back to where they met and fell in love was extremely romantic and you could visibly see how relaxed they both felt going back to where it all began. Here are some of my favorite snaps from the morning! I can’t wait to dance it up at their April wedding next year!!!


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