Dc Maternity Boudoir Photos | Virginia Maternity Photos Kir TubenWhat can I say about this post that won’t make me weepy. I have now photographed this couple for 3 years (starting in 2016 for their engagement session). Now, I am lucky enough to photograph Alison & Ryan in this incredible stage of their lives right before they become parents. This cozy maternity session was one of my favorite things I’ve ever photographed not only because I adore the people in these images but because I think this is a beautiful way to honor motherhood. It feels surreal that I have friends that are becoming moms but it puts my heart at ease to know how incredible Alison and Ryan will be as parents.  Maternity boudoir can make some nervous or self conscious but Alison rocked this session and embraced her maternal beauty. I loved her vision for this session and her choice of color inspo. I can’t tell you how much this session fires up my creative heart. Alison fully trusted me to run with this idea and the result is incredible. I can’t wait to do this exact same thing if I ever have kiddos! Here are my favorite images from The Michie’s Maternity boudoir sessionDc Maternity Boudoir Photos | Virginia Maternity Photos Kir Tuben


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