Instead of captioning this myself, I thought it was more important to let Amanda & Lauren tell their story. Hopefully their IVF journey and public celebration of love will encourage and inspire others! “We decided to do reciprocal IVF even before we knew the procedure had a name! The decision was organic. I (Lauren) always wanted to carry and Amanda always envisioned having biological children but never desired to be pregnant. So now we have the best of both worlds! Throughout this journey, we’ve experienced everything from earth-shattering loss to unending fits of joy. Reciprocal IVF has brought us closer than ever. It has also shown us that we have a crazy awesome support system in our chosen family. We are ecstatic to be expecting a baby boy in December!”  Cheers to these mommas to be and endless thanks to @petalsbytheshore for her insane floral talents in my @dogwood.lane studio & supporting my obsession with floral tattoos and shoutout to @harrisonfilms for creating a video memory of this day that is out of a movie.


Also important to note the incredible local floral farmers featured here, especially during American Grown Flowers week:
@grateful_gardeners @Petalpatchflowerfarm @Mandm_plants @Plantmast @Oceanbreezefarmsca @Resendizbrothers @Bloomiaflowers @Ferntrustinc @Mountainflowerfarm @Californiapajarosafloral @Thefloralreserve
But above all, my adoration to @lolo_0288 & @bballinitup1 and to couples like them all over the globe. Sending my love to all those who support equal love.


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