I knew I would love photographing Josie and Ben because for weeks beforehand, Josie and I texted back and forth about which ensembles we liked best! Attention to details is my favorite as I have massive style OCD. I also never met a Ben I didn’t absolutely love! These two had been photographed before but not by someone like yours truly! Basically, a session with me is a giant game of Simon Says: lost of direction to get you to those authentic smiles with flattering angles. They even laughed about how different the experience was! We started the morning at Lincoln. We were met with the strangest sunrise I’ve ever seen. The haze from the California fires reached the east coast this morning. You can even see the sun as an orb in the sky in some of these images. I actually thought it was the moon! The overcast lighting gave us free rein of beautiful even light. After DC, we crossed the bridge into Old Town Alexandria for a few neighborhood snaps. I can’t wait to see where these two plan to tie the knot! Talks of beach destinations have me ready for summer 2021! Here are some of my favorite snaps from my morning with Ben and Josie.


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