If you’ve talked to me for more than 5 minutes you know I have 4 loves: Travel, Cats, Photography and Ben… not necessarily in that order. 2020 really threw a wrench in 2 of those four joys of my life. While I have been able to spend AMPLE time with the kitties and Ben, I haven’t been able to travel or really take on as many weddings as I normally would given the pandemic. We had trips planned to Italy, Scotland and Japan this year but since COVID hit, I have only been on one plane, which is a crazy lifestyle change for me. That said, like many of you, I had a birthday in this historic time and was feeling particularly down. To infuse some adventure back in our lives, we decided to take a long trip to the Greenbrier! I have absolutely been in love with this hotel from a wedding standpoint but never thought I would get 4 days to experience it myself without working. Since I grew up near Palm Beach, I was always enamored with The Colony Hotel for its impeccable and fun design. These prints and colors really transport you back in time! The master minds behind this design style are Dorothy Draper and Carleton Varney. In fact, we were lucky enough to meet Carleton on property during our visit! We chatted all about Florida and he signed a copy of his book for me! How fortuitous!

If you have the time and are within driving distance, I highly suggest a resort weekend getaway in West Virginia. The property was huge and they enacted very safe social distancing practices so we never felt unsafe during this wild time. Below is our itinerary! Definitely steal this plan and enjoy the mis of digital and film Fuji 400 photographs developed by Photovision Prints!


Day 1

Check in!

Explore the Grounds

The Forum for Dinner

Champagne Toast and Waltz

Day 2

Room Service


Rent Bikes

Lunch by the Pool

Glass Blowing

Dinner at In Fusion

Day 3

Grab quick Coffee

Adventure Course!

Lunch at Sam Snead’s

Indoor Pool Hang

Dinner at Drapers

Evening Gambling!

Day 4

Brunch in Main dining


Pool lunch & Wandering the shops




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