Courtney and Vince will always have a special place in my heart. These cuties booked me back almost 2 years ago before anyone knew what COVID it was. Once the world exploded with the pandemic we made the obvious and safe choice to postpone their beautiful wedding at Great Marsh estate. After moving a year we stayed in touch and dreamed another 365 days about the perfect wedding day. When the forecast showed 99% chance of rain these two didn’t even blink an eye and we’re determined to get married outside. I mean, they survived a pandemic… what’s a little rain? Surprisingly the downpour waited until the very end of the evening and they provided all the sunshine the wedding they needed with their adorable love and amazing celebration with all their friends and family. It was definitely worth the wait and I can honestly say I’m sad it’s over. Here are my favorite images to tell the story of their day. Congrats to these two on the longest engagement ever which will sure turn into the best marriage.
  1. Anika Kim says:

    Would love to learn your pricing information for our upcoming wedding at Great Marsh Estate on May 11, 2024!


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