I was lucky enough to travel to Lake Como during August and had the privilege to photography these two at Villa Balbianello! Konstantyn and Mariya are Ukrainian photographers. They are currently living life as refugees due to the current war in their country which is just heartbreaking.

We hired Konstantyn to snap some photos of us on vacation and I just had to sneak a few of them in as well. Not only were our photos outstanding but they were such good sports about posing for me. Afterwards, we exchanged stories about work and life. Their perspective on living away from their home was eye opening. While it may look like they’re living a glam life on Lake Como, imagine not being able to return home for fear of your life and safety.

K&M have such amazing attitudes and they are certainly making the best of it they can but I am beyond hopeful the war will cease and they can resume the life with family they deserve. Here are some ways you can Donate to help the Ukrainian people. I hope these photos are a bright spot in this crazy time in their life.


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