Have you ever met a couple that you just felt like you instantly knew? That’s how it was with Ashleigh and Ryan. Walking towards the Opera House, I heard my name called across the road and I was met with a warm hug from Ashleigh… we had never met before this moment! A few months back, Ashleigh had emailed me saying “Not to be creepy but I saw that you’re going to be in Sydney, we are too! We’d love some engagement photos!” I was so thrilled!

April 6, 2017

Sydney Australia Engagement | Ashleigh and Ryan

The best part about my job is that it allows me to travel. I really think travel gets to towards my main goal in life of being a more complete and understanding person. Seeing and experiencing people of other cultures really allows you to expand your world view and have empathy for people outside of your own experiences. I think empathy is greatly missing in our society at times so I view every travel experience as a fact finding mission about humanity. 

March 13, 2017

Australian Vacation: Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne | Personal Post