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Every year, I have couples ask me where to tie the knot! To try to help out, I decided to make a list about the Best DC Wedding Locations and it was such a hit that I decided to turn it into a little series. Here are my favorite rustic Northern Virginia Wedding Venues and below are my more classic Northern Virginia wedding venue favorites: 

1. Raspberry Plain

Raspberry Plain Wedding.jpg

Raspberry Plain is a stunning wedding venue. It has a garden, massive windows and a rolling hill backdrop perfect at sunset!

2. Morven Park

Morven Park Wedding.jpg

Morven Park weddings are elegant, classic and chic. The manor is incredible and the garden is perfect for portraits. I modeled in a styled shoot here and fell in love!

3. Oatlands

Oatlands Wedding.jpg

Oatlands Historic House is romantic and perfect for hosting guests. You have a wide variety of settings for pictures and cocktail hour!

4. Airlie

Airlie Wedding.jpg

Airlie Gardens is a great wedding venue. The stairs are a great backdrop for big bridal party shots!

5. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Wedding.jpg

Meadowlark Botanical Gardens is a picturesque backdrop for nuptials. You can get married on the lawn or under the arch! Check out Paige & Jared's engagement session here for inspiration. 

6. Rust Manor

Rust Manor Wedding.jpg

Rust Manor is just darling. There are so many portrait options; you’ll fall in love if you visit! I just adore the venue coordinator there and Ben and I even did a little anniversary shoot here!

7. Rosemont Manor

Rosemont Manor Wedding.jpg

Rosemont Manor weddings are classic to the max. You can even announce your cocktail hour to your guests atop the balcony.

8. Whitehall Manor

Whitehall Manor Wedding.png

Whitehall Manor is just beautiful at night and during the day! A must visit for sure. The swing and the natural light make this venue great for portraits. Christine and Ron had a stunning wedding here!

9. The Torpedo Factory

The Torpedo Factory Wedding.jpg

The Torpedo Factory is a great option for downtown Alexandria. It’s a modern option right by the water.

10. 2941 Restaurant 

2941 restaurant wedding.jpg

2941 Restaurant is a hidden gem in Falls Church. You’d never know it is a garden paradise and the food is great.

11. Cedar Knoll

Cedar Knoll Wedding.jpg

Cedar Knoll has a great reception area! I adore all seasons at this wedding venue. Stephanie and Nick had a lovely wedding here!

12. Rixey Manor

Rixey Manor Wedding.jpg

Rixey Manor looks perfect for a classic Virginia wedding. I have been dying to shoot a wedding here. 

13. Evergreen Country Club

Evergreen Country Club Wedding.jpg

Evergreen Country Club is the only country club that made my list! The getting ready spot is lovely and the stone house looks more like a manor then a gold club!

14. The Inn at Vint Hill

The Inn at Vint Hill Wedding.jpg

The Inn at Vint Hill weddings are quaint and charming. Nothing is more cozy than a wedding at an Inn.

15. Goodstone Inn

Goodstone Inn Wedding.jpg

Goodstone Inn is just beautiful. I have always wanted to shoot in front of the vine covered walls here!  

16. Carlyle House

Carlyle House Wedding.jpg

Carlyle House is a new addition to the list! I think this wedding venue has a great variety of indoor and outdoor settings.

17. Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Manor Wedding.jpg

Beacon Hill is a great venue that is not easily Googled! This is perfect for Virginia brides who want a classic venue.  

18. The Red Fox Inn & Tavern

The Red Fox Inn & Tavern Wedding.jpg

The Red Fox Inn & Tavern weddings have character. You really need to visit the space to visualize your big day!

19. Salamander Resort & Spa

Salamander Resort & Spa Wedding.jpg

Salamander Resort & Spa is a massive wedding venue. Your guests can stay on site and it is extremely relaxing.

20. The Osprey's at Belmont Bay

The Osprey's at Belmont Bay Wedding.jpg

The Osprey’s at Belmont Bay is an extremely elegant Virginia wedding venue. They take care of everything: food, drink… you name it!

21. Birkby House

Birkby House Wedding.jpg

The Birkby House is the perfect space for an intimate wedding! It's right in downtown Leesburg, a perfect location for your guests! 

22. Great Marsh Estate


Arguably Great Marsh Estate is Virginia's best kept venue secret! This venue has a European elegance that can't be beat! 

23. The Tides Inn


The Tides Inn is a little further south but if you love the idea of a water on the wedding in Virginia, this venue is for you! 

24. Dominion Valley Country Club

Dominion Valley Country Club Wedding.jpg

It's super surprising that this is a golf course! Dominion Valley Country Club allows you to get married right by the water without the drive to the beach! 

25. Hendry House


This lovely gem came on my radar through my pal Alicia Lacey (who took the above image!) Now I am dying to shoot a wedding at the Hendry House

26. Poplar Springs Inn

Poplar Springs Inn Wedding.jpg

Poplar Springs Inn feels like an English cottage but in Warrenton, VA! They also have an amazing pool. 

27. Retreat at Cool Spring


This should be higher on the list but I JUST heard about it this year! You need to see the interior of the Retreat at Cool Spring! It is arguably the most elegant venue in Virginia. 

28. Pearmund Cellars

Pearmund Cellars Wedding.jpg

Pearmund Cellars has some stunning vines and an adorable bridge for portraits! I envision an outdoor long table in the grapes! 

29. Retreat at Eastwood


Retreat at Eastwood is extremely charming and definitely a perfect setting for a countryside wedding. It's quaint and not well known so your wedding will be super unique!