THEY’RE ENGAGED PEOPLE! This couple is my all time favorite. There is so much happiness and light surrounding these two individuals that they are just a joy to be around. It is overwhelmingly apparent how Louis adores my long time BFF Lara and I could not be more thrilled that they found each other.

These two lovebirds met through Louis’ cousin- a close friend of Lara’s. In my twenties, I feel like this story is super rare! Phone apps and websites run the dating game in 2016 so it’s almost funny that these two would meet through mutual friends in real life! I feel like my cousin marrying my best friend is the dream. Lara will now be a permanent part of the D’Lando Family!

The couple joined me on the beach this spring to show off their adorable new puppy- Oliver! Oliver is a German Shorthaired Pointer and the newest member of team D’Lando! He is growing up so fast and has already been a joy to his new parents. You can even follow this puppy’s adorable life on Instagram @oliver_on_pointer!

This cloudy day on the beach is by far one of my favorite shoots. Seeing friends shine over the happiness in their lives is a feeling that can’t be beat! A massive congratulations goes out to my high school bestie on her engagement, forever love, and new family.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day!


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