Christine and Ron were one of the sweetest couples I have ever worked with. Their love was so completely genuine that it really made me remember why I shoot weddings. Marirosa Anderson allowed me to capture this wedding alongside her at the beautiful White Hall Estate Manor this spring. I was extremely thankful to meet this wonderful couple and be apart of their day. 

Every detail of their wedding was about their love. The couple had tiny news papers as their weddings programs complete with their engagement shots taken months earlier. It was also evident that this wedding was organized by a completely down to earth couple. Christine even wore sparkly Keds as her wedding shoes! 

Ron was joking with his buddies all day in this gorgeous weather. The sun was out and the jokes were flowing. As a second shooter, you tend to spend a lot of the day with the groom and this group was comprised of complete gentlemen. 

The couple was giddy all day and wanted to incorporate their love of birds into their special day. At the end of the nuptials, the couple released homing doves out into the world. They find their way home just as the two find home in each other’s love. It also 100% helped me get over my fear of birds! Thanks Christine!!

After their choreographed dance to “The Stanky Leg”, I truly believe that Ron and Christine are soulmates. These two were lucky to have found one another and I wish them a lifetime of happiness and love! Here are some more of my favorite shots from the day!


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