There are two things in life I will never grow tired of: authentic couples and sunrise in Central Park. This session has both! I first met Jordyn and Dan through our mutual friend Jessica Perkal. After Facetime chatting about their December New York City wedding, I knew we were a perfect fit. These two are extremely genuine people and I know that their wedding day will be a reflection of the kind, easy-going people that they are! If you haven’t heard of their venue, The Metropolitan Building, you need to check it out! Winter can’t come soon enough! 

Here is this adorable couple’s story of how they met and fell in love straight from the bride’s mouth!: “My close friend invited me to an event that her PR firm was hosting in Bryant Park. I met up with her there and proceed to meet many of her coworkers, including Dan! A group of us went to a bar after the event and I had such a great time, I started hanging out with them more. Dan and I got to know each other better (mainly because he was from Minnesota and I had never met anyone from there before and was fascinated – hah!) and the rest is history. 

I was fairly certain that Dan was ready to propose so I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be able to surprise me. We went on vacation, walks through Central Park, etc. and I was ready and waiting. On a Tuesday night, we were sitting around in our pajamas watching The Office (not rare for us) and Dan announced that he had some dessert (again not rare for us). He then comes out with a plate of this beautifully arranged dessert with a ring box in the middle. I was shocked!”