These are some of my favorite images I have ever snapped. In looking at these, I sometimes still cannot believe I took them! It is as if these photos stepped right out of my brain onto this screen. I grew up 30 minutes away from The Colony in Palm Beach. I have always dreamed of shooting bridal beauty in this hotel’s iconic hallways. I adore a classic Palm Beach wedding. To top it all off, The Colony is only a walk away from the historic Worth Avenue. Rachel and Eric were just adorable on and off camera and really made this vision come to life! I am so thrilled that these images were also shared by Inside Weddings on their blog to millions of readers! 

Read all about this adorable couple below and scroll to the bottom for our fabulous vendors! Here is a brief history of Eric and Rachel’s love story straight from the bride!

How they Met:

“Sometimes things just “click”… I remember the first time I met my fiancé… It was an October night in Florida, I was 22 years old, and had just finished my waitressing shift, changed in the bathroom, and headed over to a friends pool party. I remember not knowing a lot of people there, and kind of just sitting on the sidelines watching. We maybe said one word to each other, if that, and I forgot about him the next day.

Then a few weeks later I was browsing J-date with an anonymous profile, just seeing who was out there… When I saw him! I remember clicking his picture and thinking “OMG WHO IS HE?? I WANT TO MEET HIM!” I immediately kicked into full on sleuthing mode and took the party over to Facebook, where I eventually found him and realized I’ve met him before! Not only had I met him about a month prior, I also knew his roommate!

I found myself thinking, “Okay Rachel, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ACTUALLY MEET HIM? Without seeming like a total stalker”. Then fate stepped in.

A few weeks later on New Years Day 2012, I was eating brunch with my mom, when a waiter walked by our table and it was HIM. Little was said when he was at work but that night, he Facebook chatted me, “So how’d you like the restaurant?” We ended up talking for HOURS, I am talking high school AIM style.

The entire month of January felt like I was in high school again… spending hours on Facebook chatting the night away with butterflies in my stomach. I was on the verge of busting out my Lisa Frank notebook and gels pens to start writing his name in bubble letters with hearts.

Our first date was better than I could have envisioned. We watched a movie, went to dinner, and then saw my childhood friend (country rockstar) Brooke Eden perform. We ended up spending six or seven hours together that evening and I loved every minute of it.”

How He Proposed:

“One day my BFF from high school, Jenna, called me and told me she won some quarterly contest for her company and the prize was an overnight at my favorite spa in Miami, Canyon Ranch (now the Carillon), with massages and mani’s for two. She asked if I wanted to go with her and of course I exclaimed “YES!”

After a day the spa, Jenna was running around like a crazy person doing her hair and kept telling me to do my hair and make-up. I swear, we’ve known each other since the age of 14 , and I have never seen Jenna so high maintenance or annoying in my life.  I looked at her like a crazy person and said “but we are going to yoga!” – she told me she wanted to take pictures at this pretty spot I showed her before yoga to get the light. Weird.

We made our way over to this gorgeous grassy area on the rooftop overlooking the ocean. This exact spot my fiancé and I had stood almost 5 months earlier. The spot I told him was the perfect place for a proposal. As we start walking I see some guy dressed really nice… I said to Jenna we shouldn’t be there and tried to get her to turn back and not interrupt whatever was happening. My eyes finally adjusted and I realized it was Eric!

He had candles and rose petals all set up! I was so confused and overwhelmed all at once that I was squealing and shrieking. Eric was so nervous that his voice was shaking and he could barely pull the ring from his pocket! I have worn that ring ever since that November day in 2014 and will continue to wear it until our last days.”


Photographer: Kir Tuben | | @kir2ben  

Design & Coordination: Sarah Pete Rizzi | | @wanderlustwedco

Location/Venue: The Colony Palm Beach | Palm Beach, Florida | | @thecolonypalmbeach

Florist: Jenny Preston at Port Palm + Co | | @portandpalmco

Rentals: Jenny Preston at Port Palm + Co | | @portandpalmco

Beauty: Ali Kellett at Eventful Looks | | @eventfullooks

Gown(s): Brittany Burns Bridal | | @brittanyburnsbridal

Accessories: Brittany Burns Bridal | | @brittanyburnsbridal

Stationery/Paper Goods: Erica Diaz at Iba Paper Goods | | @ibapapergoods

Cake/Desserts: Johnsons Custom Cakes | | @johnsonscakes

Couple: Rachel & Eric Dresdale at The Confused Millennial | | @theconfusedmillennial

Welcome Gifts: Lara D’Lando at Gala Tuesday | | @Galatuesday



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