Every year, I have couples ask me where to tie the knot! To try to help out, I decided to make a list about the Best DC Wedding Locations and it was such a hit that I decided to turn it into a little series. Here are my favorite rustic Northern Virginia Wedding Venues and below are my Charlottesville Virginia wedding venue favorites: 

1. Pippin Hill

Pippin Hill weddings are my favorite. The venue is particularly stunning when the flower bushes are in bloom! Number one venue for sure!

2. Verulam Farm

Verulam Farm has a special place in my heart because Ben and I got married there! It is my dream to photograph a bride here.

3. Big Spring Farm

Big Spring Farm is another favorite of mine. The hills, the pond and the barn make for the perfect little wedding spot.

4. Rock Hill Plantation 

Rock Hill Plantation is another great Charlottesville wedding venue. It’s classic and elegant in all the right ways.

5. Veritas Winery

Veritas Winery weddings have the wine right on site! The sunsets are stunning here.

6. Cross Keys Vineyard

Cross Keys Vineyard is another winery wedding venue with delicious drinks and perfect views.

7. Keswick Vineyards

Keswick Vineyards are the most opulent option for Charlottesville weddings. Their sweeping views are dramatic and breathtaking.

8. Earlyhouse

Earlyhouse weddings are quaint and charming. Perfect for the low key bride.

9. King Family Vineyards

King Family Vineyards is yet another winery that made my list! When in Charlottesville, winery weddings are always a great option.

10. Mount Ida farm

Mount Ida Farm is cute, quiet and perfect for the rustic Charlottesville bride.

11. Clifton Inn

Clifton Inn is a great wedding venue. This setting is timeless and has great character.  

12. Montpelier

Montpelier weddings have a rich history and great for the traditional bride

13. Early Mountain Vineyards

Early Mountain Vineyards is a new addition to my list. Although I have never been, it looks divine.

14. Rounton Farm

Rounton Farm is a no brainer in my mind. I was married on a farm in Charlottesville and find it has great charm! I may be a little biased though!

15. Castle Hill Cider LLC

Castle Hill Cider is a venue I’ve never actually visited but it’s on my list for the rave reviews and stunning pictures!

16. Market at Grelen

Market at Grelen in Charlottesville has a quirky charm that is perfect for a spring or winter bride!

17. Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill… doesn’t that just sound like the perfect venue?? The charming name matches the setting.

18. Inn At Westwood Farm

Inn at Westwood is a lovely venue. This inn is more like a rustic paradise than an inn! Better to see in person!

19. One Eleven South Main

One Eleven South Main is a smaller venue with a lot of charisma! The food gets great reviews.

20. Lydia’s Barn at Evermore Farm

Lydia’s Barn at Evermore Farm weddings are great! Floral arrangements transform this seemingly simple barn into a wedding dream.

21. James Monroe’s Highland 

James Monroe’s Highland made my list because my friend Katie tied the knot here! This new discovery is historical and stunning.

22. Swannanoa Palace

If you want to get married in a palace then this place is for you! You need to consider this if you are a classic romantic! Check out the Swannanoa website for more info!

23. Oak Ridge Estate

Oak Ridge Estate weddings are just breathtaking. I actually hadn’t heard of this venue until recently and I adore it! Elegance and poise is by the handful here!



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