2017 will forever be the year I remember building my ideal business. I shot 19 weddings, 5 styled shoots, took on 3 second shooting gigs, 52 engagements, 3 proposals and 12 lifestyle shoots. I rebranded, hired an associate and (fun fact) still was tutoring full time. 

I also took 4 international trips (Australia, Banff, Italy, Paris) and 17 photo trips within the states including: South Carolina, Texas (2 trips to Houston), Florida (2 trips to Palm Beach), New York (3 trips: Upstate, NYC, NYC), North Carolina (2 trips: Wilmington & Durham), Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Pennsylvania, & New Orleans. Needless to say, I need to create a tour T-shirt! Instead of doing a “Best of 2017” post, I thought I would make a little collage of all weddings and styled shoots of the last 12 months with my favorite moments of each! 

Although I love reflecting on this past year, I am looking forward to 2018 with 21 weddings booked and heaps more destinations in the planner! 

Lara & Louis | January 28th | Flagler Museum, Palm Beach FL

I obviously loved this wedding because I got to see a high school bestie marry the love of her life! I also ADORE the Flagler Museum. It’s possibly my favorite wedding venue in south Florida!


Rachel & Eric | March 26th | The Colony Palm Beach, Palm Beach FL  (Editorial) 

This was my first ever styled shoot! I always dreamed of shooting a wedding at the Colony in Palm Beach! Rachel and Eric made this dream a reality. This shoot was featured in Inside Weddings.


Kristin & Jason | April 15th | Polegreen Church, Richmond VA (Editorial) 

Early spring is for styled shoots! This one got thrown together in 4 days! The highlight of this shoot was definitely the couple. This rad duo has an amazingly unique style that made this shoot pop. Burnetts Boards featured this one!!


Alyssa & Waite | April 29th | Musgrove Plantation, St. Simons Island GA

Yet another blast from the past! Middle school brought Alyssa and I together. I think my favorite part of the day was seeing how happy these two were together. The clear tent was also a season fave!


Amy & Craig | May 6th | Woodend Nature Sanctuary, Chevy Chase MD

Amy and Craig had the best luck of any couple this year. It POURED on their wedding day but the clouds parted just before they tied the knot! I loved the groom’s surprise breakdance at this wedding!


Alison & Ryan | June 3rd | Crowne Plaza, Tysons Corner VA

My favorite thing at this wedding was how much I fell in love with Alison & Ryan. These two crack me up and Alison ended up in my Jeep on the way to her first look! Making an album for this pair helped me relive their day all over again.


Naghmeh & Saman | June 10th | River Creek Country Club, Leesburg, VA

This wedding had the best details! Naghmeh brought about 5 sets of different items to have photographed! It was very warm on this day but this couple champed outdoor portraits during sunset. I think this wedding had the most dancing!


Bianca & Brian | June 18th | National Cathedral, Washington DC 

Bianca and Brian had the most focus on family of any wedding. They requested a picture of the entire wedding right after their ceremony! I loved their lavender exit.


Abby & Sam | June 24th | Long Point Yacht Club, Groton CT

Abby and Sam.. oh man, what a wedding! Most of my college friends got to see me shoot which was such a blast! Fireball shots and beach party vibes made this wedding one the most fun.


Bri & Wes | July 15th | Salubria, Locust Grove VA (Editorial) 

This styled session was born from my heart of hearts. It was hot as sin but these images are some of my favorites and used all over my branding. My favorites from this session were all due to either Emily from Love Blooms or because of Bri & Wes! What a rad couple. Elizabeth Anne Designs published this beauty! 


Tory & Isaac | July 29th | Arts Club DC, Washington DC 

Tory and Isaac had a wedding that I feel I dreamed up. They were one of my first clients that really meshed with my visions style wise. I love their pre-wedding gifts to one another and their goofy smiles to one another all night.


Julie & Shane | August 10th | Domaine de Sarson, Provence France (Editorial)

My trip to France was one for the books. Julie and Shane are one of the most photogenic couples of all time and I got to hone my film skills during this shoot.


Caroline & Bryce | September 2nd | Windsor Castle Park, Smithfield VA

This is the only wedding I cried at all year. The weather was very troublesome and it was a lot of day of decisions that ended up all coming together. Caroline & Bryce had their wedding sing Happy Birthday to me and I wept like a baby. I will never forget their kind hearts and special day. I loved both of their families and wish I could shoot this wedding every year.


Leslie & Mason | September 16th | Mount Hope Farm, Bristol RI

Leslie & Mason was a swimmer wedding… so you KNOW it was a good time. The weather, the venue and the couple made this wedding New England chic. Leslie and Mason got to hold baby goats during their reception and 80s music got the dance floor bumpin!


Jessie & Michael | October 14th | Carriage House, Houston TX

The Kasper wedding was stylistically my favorite. The gold dresses and neutral blooms spoke to my heart. It was Texas HOT but everyone barely noticed because of all the stunning venue looks and amazingly good time.


Alex & Rafa | October 20th | Josephine Butler Center, Washington DC 

Two words: lightsaber fight. This Star Wars loving couple had the most darling garden side ceremony among friends and family. These kids only hired me for the ceremony and portraits! Easiest/most low key wedding of 2017 by far!


Meaghan & Dave | October 21st | DC War Memorial, Washington DC 

Although this wedding was obviously unique because the bride wore green, it was more unique because of the intimate ceremony created by the bride and groom. Meg & Dave spoke directly to their parents and thanked them for their love and support. Some of my favorite portraits of the year!


Molly & Jake | October 28th | Westwood Country Club, Vienna VA

Not every wedding can be my favorite, and I refuse to pick just one… that being said, this classic wedding hit all the right notes! Molly and Jake looked like royalty on their wedding day. Molly’s bridesmaids were perfection and only rivaled in fun by Jake’s groomsmen. This set a new standard for fall weddings!


Courtney & Eddie | November 4th | Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

Military weddings have a special place in my heart. The way Eddie looked at Courtney in his Naval uniform made me feel like I was watching a movie. This was such a fun bunch and everyone at this wedding looked like a Hollywood starlet! I think Courtney is one of my biggest business cheerleaders and I am so so thankful for this couple.


Liz & Jordan | November 11th | Cliff House Maine, Cape Neddick, ME

80’s after party!!! Liz and Jordan know how to throw a wedding. They cared about all the right things: guest experience, authenticity and good food. These two were probably the most thoughtful when it came to their vendors. I will never forget waking up in the seaside hotel room all paid for by the bride and groom. I LOVE THE SILVERS!


Wynn & SJ | November 13th | Raspberry Plain, Leesburg VA (Editorial) 

This shoot was honestly all my wedding dreams come true. Wynn and SJ are newly engaged so even in the freezing cold, they were giggly and fun all throughout portraits! The film from this I want to hang in my home.


Dana & Malcom | November 19th | Skybox Event Center, Phildelphia PA

I probably talked with Dana the most of any of my brides pre-wedding. Everything we discussed helped take this day from dream to reality. Again, this was a chilly wedding with whipping winds but not one complaint came from the wedding party. The older folks at this wedding tore up the D-Floor all night long!


Jordyn & Dan | December 16th | The Metropolitan Building, New York NY

This venue was something out of a fairytale. I have always wanted to shoot in this building and Jordyn & Dan were the perfect couple for the spot! I think Jordyn’s first look with her dad was a top moment for me as was seeing the Scorpio bunch crack one another up throughout the night. We had to race the sun for natural light photos but we most certainly won!


Jamie & Nicole | December 30th | Pavilion of Two Sister, New Orleans LA

This wedding I could write novels about. It’s probably unfair to give my recap on this one since it is so fresh in my mind! I just adored Nicole’s style. She wore a Hayley Paige dress that was just perfect. My favorite things about this wedding were all a 3 way tie between the guests, the venue and Jamie’s aunt playing the bagpipes! 


It was one hell of a year and I couldn’t be more thankful for these amazing clients and experiences. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!





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