This is probably one of my favorite blog series. I am a nut about wedding venues and engagement locations so it was about high time I created a Richmond list! Check out my favorite Richmond wedding venues below! 

Also feel free to check out my DC, Maryland and Virginia List One and Two for more inspiration! 

1. The Quirk Hotel

The Quirk Hotel isa funky unique wedding venue in Richmond! A short drive from Charlottesville or Northern Virginia, this wedding venue has the best rooftop and is also perfect for your guests to sleep!

2. Branch Museum

The Branch Museum is known for it’s distinctive backdrop. If you’re a Beauty and the Beast fan, this venue is for you!   

3. Agecroft Hall

Agecroft Hall looks like it is a fairytale town in Switzerland! You need to see this stunning beauty in person to be convinced!

4. The Virginia House

Did you know such elegant beauty existed in Richmond? This venue blows my mind apart. The Virginia House is Richmond’s best kept secret. 

5. Dover Hall 

Dover Hall has some stunning natural light indoors. You’d also never know it but it has an amazing pool for a ceremony site! 

6. Maymont

Don’t let this drab image fool you. This mansion has an extensive garden and stunning structures all around the property for photo backdrops! The Maymont is a must see in person. 

7. The Country Club of Virginia

This club is just DARLING. The Country Club of Virginia is the epitome of elegance in Richmond! You must check out their bridal suite! 

8. Madison at the Mill

Madison at the Mill reminds me of the Dye House in Maryland! If you’re a fan of brick and industrial, this is the venue for you! 

9. St. Joseph’s Villa

St. Joseph’s Villa reminds me of a California venue! It would be a perfect place for a funky southwestern themed wedding! 

10. The Valentine

The Valentine makes my heart flutter. Can you just imagine telling your guests you’re getting married at a place with this name!? Not to mention it’s stunning. 

11. The John Marshall Ballrooms

The John Marshall Ballrooms are regal and elegant. You can get amazing shots from the balconies! 

12. Celebrations at the Reservoir

Celebrations at the Reservoir weddings are ideal for the beachy bride! This venue gives me Nantucket vibes! 

13. The Virginia Cliffe Inn

The Virginia Cliff Inn is timeless, classic and elegant. This little inn has amazing interior rooms as well! 

14. Virginia Crossings Hotel

Virginia Crossings Hotel is great for big weddings! You have a variety of options for portrait locations and can sleep on site! 

15. Seven Springs 

Seven Springs is best in springtime! This one is a must see in person and feels very authentic. 

16. Jasmine Plantation

Ok, ok I might have put Jasmine Plantation on the list because of this pink room. BUT HOW COOL IS IT!? The outside is also stunning just FYI. 

17. The Dominion Club

The Dominion Club is a great one stop shop. The club dresses great for a ceremony and for reception! 

18. Historic Mankin Mansion

Historic Mankin Mansion weddings have a tough of Gatsby to them. I love the vintage feel of this home and garden. 

19. Main Street Station

Main Street Station is a surprising venue. It is definitely the most unique on the list! If you love travel, this is the perfect venue for you! 

20. Upper Shirley Vineyards

Upper Shirley Vineyards‘ view speaks for itself! Don’t you want to get married by the water and then drink wine all night with your friends? I think yes!

21. Lynn Acres

Ok so Lynn Acres is a new venue but MY GOD IS IT STUNNING. You simply must see this place in person! This little drawing does it no justice! 

There you have it folks! Also look at my Charloettesville list of you’re considering other southern Virginia wedding venues! 




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