I am going to try to describe my love for this couple. They honestly are just so fun to be around. We spent 3 hours together and maybe an hour of that was actually shooting. They are sarcastic, interesting and super laid back individuals: just my type of people. They are getting married at the Wharf this November and I know I am going to feel more like a guest than a photographer! We actually casually planned sunrise at Jefferson before we knew about the cherry blossom dates! These two got super lucky with the weather and the blooms all at once!

In true Emily and Toby fashion, the whole session was full of goof. Toby was cracking Emily up all morning and we all explored the Wharf together. We walked about wedding day, the best TV shows and weirdly, Joe Biden. I cannot wait to get these two in front of the camera again. Here are my favorite snaps from our morning together!



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