It’s difficult to describe how much I loved this session. Morgan and Brent were just the most darling couple you have ever met. None of us had ever been to Horseshoe Bend so it was an experience for all of us! As we walked up to the overlook, we chatted about travel, relationships and photography: all of my favorite things. I found that these two had met through church and Brent proposed at their favorite sand dunes in their hometown! They definitely both embody young love and are such a fun, adventurous couple. In fact, Brent has been to all 50 states!

Horseshoe Bend was nothing like I expected. When you first walk up after the 7-minute walk, there are hoards of people looking down at the same bend. However, if you walk to the right down a-ways, you feel totally secluded. Morgan was a champ with her sandals and the two had no fear when I placed them near the edge! This spot is not for those afraid of heights! Here are my favorites of the day including my medium format film!   

Below are my 120mm Fuji 400 film scans! Thanks to the Find Lab for developing! 



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