This year, I decided that if I took on a destination wedding client that I would make an actual trip out of it! When Katie hired me to shoot her wedding in Killington, Vermont, I knew that I wanted to extend this work trip into some personal time. I asked my friend Brett to come with me to Burlington and Montreal! We booked our tickets and the rest is history! These are my images and itinerary from my trip in Vermont and Montreal’s most French city! This post is 95% film developed by the Find Lab, digital images by Brett and myself as well as maybe 4 iPhone selfies. Enjoy! 

Burlington, VT 

So I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we stayed in Burlington for a day and a half before this journey. Everyone that told us about Burlington gushed about how much they loved it. It was a small little coastal town with live music, quaint shops and hippies (which I love). We walked the main cobblestone street, College Street, and got dinner at one of the little dockside restaurants. There was a small music festival going on so we sat on the pier for a bit and listened to Ween. A day and a half in this charming town was enough for me but here are some recommended things in the area: 


  • – Switchback Brewery 
  • – Zero Gravity 
  • – Fiddlehead – you go grab a growler then go next door to this amazing brick oven pizza restaurant where they give you a chilled glass to enjoy your growler
  • – Foam Brewery on the Burlington waterfront is a fun, trendy space. Recommend going down to the waterfront around sunset – most amazing spot for pictures. 


  • – If you like Sushi – Asiana Noodle House on Church street is great- you must try their sexy maki!
  • – Farmhouse – great farm to table food, rustic atmosphere, great beer and craft cocktails.
  • – American Flatbread – local favorite, always hopping!


Montreal Day 1

We took the Greyhound bus from Burlington all the way to Montreal! The bus was about $20 which beat any rental car or flight. You go through customs at the boarder but it goes fairly quick. After arriving at our AirBnB, we walked to Café Parvis (433 Mayor St, Montreal, QC H3A 2K7, Canada). The pizza was to die for and it was a shirt walk. We 1000% recommend staying in Downtown. You are close to a metro but can also walk to Old Montreal by the water OR Mile End. 

Montreal Day 2

This was by far our most FULL day in Montreal. We walked 10 miles and barely noticed. I was super excited to spend the morning in Mile End, Montreal’s more laid-back alternative neighborhood. We began the day with coffee at Café Origine (8 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H2X 4C9, Canada). I adored the decor and the barista made me an amazing matcha tea! We then walked up Plateau Mont-Royale, an adorable Neighborhood with cool doors and balconies. We passed by Chez Jose and took photos of the French inspired architecture. 

Once we got to Mile End, we dipped in Espace Nomad, a cool day spa with great design perfect for head shots! We then wandered the shops which were seemingly all blush and vintage! We passed by Dragon Flowers and stopped for coffee in my favorite shop ever: Pastel Rita, a pink lover’s heaven. The coffee made us more hungry (clearly) so we ate at La Petite Adresse (which only takes cash!). 

We ended the night with a stroll through Old Montreal and an incredible meal at Jardin Nelson. We then had drinks at the rooftop bar across the way and watched the city sleep. Based on what we saw of this part of town, we knew we had to go back! 


Montreal Day 3

Because we stumbled upon Old Montreal so late in the evening, we knew we had to go back! This little part of town reminds me of a cross between Paris, Florence and a bit of Melbourne’s liberal flavor. You feel like you’re walking through Europe but with a modern twist! They even have a Notre Dame look alike called the Place D’Armes! We stopped in Tommy (200 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H2Y 1T3, Canada) which had a very communal welcoming vibe not to mention adorable decor. We then walked the riverfront to the Clocktower and saw them setting up for the weekend’s festival. One thing everyone said about Montreal was there 5there are festivals going on every weekend in summer and they were right! We were there between the Laugh Fest and a music fest! 

We wandered St. Paul street where we found Boca Chica and wound up at Mandy’s for lunch. I think this is my favorite place I have ever eaten. It’s as if they reached into my head and pulled out every idea for a lunch spot I have ever had! It is actually a small chain so be sure to stop in one! While wandering, we saw kids zip-lining, couples in love and musicians on the street. I couldn’t have loved it more. 

We opted to have dinner in the Latin Quarter at a beer garden rooftop called 3 Brasseurs.  Translated as Three Brewers, this beer spot had great food (a great spot to get poutine) and even better beer. 

We ended in the evening in Montreal’s gay quarter. Their gay-borhood is incredible. We walked through the street lined with hanging rainbow balls, ate a crepe and found ourselves watching people dance in Jardins Gamelin. People were really busting a move to live latin music on a Thursday! The night ended with a fireworks display that was a show of lights for the whole city. 


Montreal Day 4

So our last day was more of a half day because we had our flight out in the evening. The one area we didn’t really explore was lower Saint Catherine Street. This is more or less the shopping district but has some very posh hotels and food places as well. I was dying to see the Crew Collective Café (360 St. Jacques St), a bank turned coffee shop. Ristoraunte Beatrice is also very chic but slightly expensive. We also dipped in The Ritz to see Maison Boulud. While out and about I actually ran into Melora Hardin who plays Jan on the Office! She was so gracious when I fan-girled at her. She even got off the phone to take a photo with me! We ended our trip at the Darling Cafe which had a great Chai Latte and adorable atmosphere. 

There ya have it folks! I hope this was helpful in planning your trip! Lastly, here is a small list of things we didn’t get to do but looked awesome: 

  • Hike Mount Royale
  • Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal 
  • Montreal Biosphere
  • Botanical Garden
  • La Maison Lavande (outside of the city and best in summer) 




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