I feel like I can’t even find the words to write this properly. Katie was my first friend I made after my parents divorced and my mom moved us to South Florida. I was the quite girl who talked to her cat and liked Jewel and Katie was my loud next door neighbor who did gymnastics, loved to play capture the flag and seemed to talk to everyone. We became best friends all through middle school and high school even though we never actually went to school together and I ended up moving houses nearly every 2 years. We then ended up going to college 20 minutes away from one another in North Carolina and have seen each other through various boyfriends, all sorts of pets, quitting sports, moving jobs and now getting married.

The minute I met Dave, I was all about him for Katie. He has a patience and a humor that is exactly my brand of weird and awesome. He is an athlete, family man and all around just a great person and counterpart to my best friend. A perfect example of this is how Dave had food poising right before this session! You would never know that he was so so sick right up to and after these images were taken! I cannot wait to stand beside them and support them on their wedding day this winter! Here are my favorite snaps from their Palm Beach engagement session:



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