When I first opened Dogwood Lane, I never dreamed that I would be posing in the space! Once a year, Ben and I have our photos taken together. Sometimes it’s during Christmas, sometimes it’s an anniversary session.. but this year, I’ve been really inspired by boudoir. I wanted to start offering couple’s boudoir sessions but before I did, I needed to feel what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera. After getting married, I undoubtedly became a better wedding photographer. The same rule applies to boudoir!

This session actually resulted in something somewhat unexpected… when looking at the images, I feel like I fell more in love with Ben. He always supports these shoots but I know this one was slightly more unconventional. Ben actually really enjoyed this session and said it was his favorite yet (maybe it’s because he got to dress in sweats and just walk downstairs to the studio.. but still!). I love his faces in these images: when he hugs me, when he holds our cat who just happened to wander in during our session.. every single image makes me smile. I will cherish these forever thanks to Laura Quintero Photography & The Find Lab! Here are my favorite film and digital snaps below. Happy 2019!


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