Every year, Ben and I do one photoshoot for our anniversary. The year 4 traditional gift is fruit or flowers… I suppose we have always been a tad non-traditional. Last year, we did an intimate session with my pal Laura Quintero and this year, I actually won a boudoir session with Michael and Carina to celebrate the opening of their new venture Studio Lyonne! I love supporting local photogs especially when they want to use imagery to celebrate body positivity and intimacy! Because I launched intimate couples portraits in my own studio this year, I thought it would be super fun to bring Ben along and count this session as our anniversary treat! We drove down to Richmond and met with Emily Artistry for some pre-shoot beauty. We had a great time goofing off and dancing to some tunes during the pictures and then spent the afternoon in Richmond as a mii date afterwards. We were so lucky to have these image created for us.. Our future fictional kids will probably think they’re weird and gross, but our grandkids will probably think how cool and fearless we once were to be young, scantily clad and super in love. Here are our faves including a few behind the scenes! Enjoy!



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