This is something brand new to the blog! Every year, I try to take on a personal creative project that fuels my heart. In my years in the wedding industry, I have gotten to know heaps of florists and have been fascinated by that aspect of weddings. I found that these designers attend and host workshops just like photographers do! They have piles upon piles of florals to create and explore at these events and they always look incredible. As someone who loves florals dripping from everywhere, I knew I had to experience these workshops for myself.

I had the privilege of being able to photograph the last day of Holly Chapple’s Flowerstock at Hope Flower Farm. I was able to connect with creatives in my line of work that weren’t actually photographers: dreamers with a passion to run their own business and create works of art in the process. I got to hear from inspiring women, capture stunning florals on film and even take a few snaps of Holly at the farm. Also, shoutout to my new friends of Ten23 Photography for being my partners in crime all day! Here are my favorite snaps of the day!



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