I absolutely love it when client suggest engagement locations. I had never heard of Chapman State Park but now, it’s one of my favorite places in the area. This venue has it all: a charming manor, tall grass fields and a small beach at the bottom of the hill. Lisa and Jason like to go one hikes and explore state parks with their dogs so they found this gem in Maryland! Being in the military, this pair is prone to moving a bunch so they are always game to explore their new town and I am so thrilled they showed me this gem.  Lisa and Jason are planning a church wedding with no exact date or even location as of yet which to me, made this shoot super romantic. Even without a date, these two wanted to celebrate their engagement with a photoshoot. No need to wait for a romantic photos guys! We’re also chatting about another session that includes the pups and maybe Jason’s uniform. Be still my heart! Here are my favorite snaps from their sunrise engagement session!


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