The world has a very strange way of bringing people together. This session made me believe in fate. I met Brianne through Instagram a few years back. We both shared a love for photography, Star Wars, animals and have the same sense of humor. I met her and Justin in Houston about 3 years ago and they were debating a wedding in Hawaii! While the stars didn’t align for their wedding day, we happened to be on Maui at the exact same time! I was lucky enough to photograph them in Hawaii even if it wasn’t how we initially planned it!These two are at such an exciting place in their lives. Newlyweds, just moved into their forever home with their fur babies. What a time to be alive! Justin and Bri spent their honeymoon entirely on Maui. They did tons of beach time, the road to Hana and lauas before heading home to Texas. This hour at sunrise at Olowalu park was such a special session! Afterwards, we all got breakfast pies and chatted Hawaii recs (blogpost coming soon!). Here are my favorite snaps from Bri and Justin’s Maui honeymoon session!

  1. Brianne says:

    You are the best photographer and friend we could ever ask for!! Love ya girl! So glad we crossed paths in Maui!!


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