2019, Wow. What a freakin’ ride. When I look back at this year, I kind of have to laugh. Starting this year, my word of the year was “Rest”. I did anything but rest. I came in from 2018 pretty worn down from my biggest year yet so, I raised my prices and vowed to take fewer weddings. Well, not only did I take on more weddings this year at a whopping 34,  but I also shot 15 boudoir sessions, 47 engagement sessions, 10 lifestyle sessions, a week long editorial for The Knot Worldwide, 3 styled editorials (2 at Hybrid Co and 1 for Martha), a floral retreat and hosted one round of sold-out mini sessions… all while still tutoring kiddos during the week. I also spoke at a conference and rebranded my online home! I traveled internationally to Morocco and Austria/Hungary and domestically to Texas, California (twice), Florida (thrice), Nashville, Arizona, New Jersey, New York (twice), Pennsylvania, South Carolina (twice), and Hawaii. I’m not sure this is what rest looks like to anyone.


…..I got exhausted just reading that, but I think it’s important for me to look back at that year to help take stock in what I want from life moving forward. Truth be told, it was a fabulous crazy year and, personally, I only felt a little bogged down during Cherry Blossom season and a few weeks in fall. Otherwise, I was very happy at my break neck pace. I have never been able to slow down and I am happiest when I feel super productive and busy, but I do need to learn to be content, read a book every once in awhile and stick to personal boundaries so I don’t eat takeout 7 days a week. I’m working on it.


On a personal note, this year, I turned 30. Ben and I bought the forever house and really, nothing else changed. Sure, I learned life lessons along the way and was able to grow in my friendships and relationships but overall, in the past 3 years, everything has been pretty status quo and I am very thankful for that fact. I am at this wonderful place where I finally feel agency over my life. With the dawning of 2020, I have been encouraged to reflect back on the last decade. The years have really only gotten better as I age. I feel the need to celebrate and embrace my life now, as I have built it, because for a long time, things were not so lovely. I went through some harsh times growing up but I survived it thanks to the support of my friends and their families. As a result, I will always be thankful for the life I have created and worked for. Today, I choose to focus on positivity, light and strength to guide me. Now, in this place of peace, I will celebrate my wins, including this year of business growth because I fought for it. I earned it. I deserve it.


To end, I am beyond thankful for the clients who really help me live my dream life. It sounds super cliche but it’s true. Ever since I was little, I was the weirdo with a camera in my hand. I will always notice people holding hands on the street, a stranger holding the door for someone or the way best friends just look at each other to communicate. I love LOVE of all kinds and I was put here to capture it all over the globe. My job is part of my identity and without people supporting my need to document life, I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage, travel the world and work for myself. To my 34 beautiful, unique and in love couples… I thank you. I love you.



Carly & Josh | January 9 | Meadowlark Gardens

Max & Blair | February 9 | Bethesda by the Sea

Lauren & Zach | March 2 | Country Club of Virginia

Kaitlin & Ishan | March 16 | Stone Tower Winery

Devin & Colin | March 29 | Naples Wedding Barn

Kelly & David | May 3 | Tudor Place


Lauren & Greg | May 4 | DAR Constitution Hall


Renee & Rob | May 11 | Lansdowne Resort & Spa

Rachel & Brian | May 25 | Great Marsh Estate

Ashleigh & Ryan | June 1 | Dulany’s Overlook

Diane & Cam | June 15 | Shadow Creek

Shira & Brian | June 16 | Woodend Nature Sanctuary

Kailey & Ryan | June 21 | Great Marsh Estate

Haley & Jesse | June 29 | Andrew Mellon Auditorium

Katie & Matthias | August 4 | Los Altos History Museum

Jenna & Andy | August 10 | Mansion at Oyster Bay

Ashley & Nissim | August 18 | Airlie Gardens

Sarah & Owen | August 23 | Tudor Place

Tudor Place Elopement DC Wedding

Hannah & Matt | August 24 | Great Marsh EstateGreat Marsh Wedding Kir Tuben

Alex & Alyse | September 7 | Stone Tower Winery

Stone Tower Winery Wedding

Christina & Robbie | September 13 | Stone Tower Winery

Stone Tower Winery Wedding

Ashley & Sean | September 14 | Sylvanside Farm

Sylvanside Farm Wedding

Fanny & Fazim | September 21 | Park Chateau

Calie & Pat | September 28 | Hyatt Dulles

Hayley & Sam | October 12 | Verulam Farm

Lauren & Taylor | October 19 | Magnolia Plantation

Allyson & Jonathan | October 26 | Charlie Palmer

Sarah & Connor | November 1 | Tudor Place

Grace & John | November 8 | Inn at Little Washington

Elise & Jarrett | November 9 | King Family Vineyard

Allison & Andrew | November 16 | Congressional Club

Tatiana & Damien | November 22 | Sundy House

Jamie & Adam | December 7 | Stone Tower Winery

Elizabeth & Gabe | December 28 | Gaming, Austria

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