For the month of February I launched Project Passion– boudoir sessions for couples meant to spark intimacy and joy!  I was THRILLED when Angela and Hunter booked this session. Angela contacted me before these two were even engaged. She knew Hunter was her person and knew she wanted me to be the person that captured all stages of their love. I will be photographing their engagement party at Great Marsh this spring so this was the perfect time to get to know them! These two actually came straight from their cake tasting to this boudoir session… brave I know! In the sugar coma, these two were a bit nervous to start out but then they really let go of the nerves and had a blast in the process!I want to share with you the follow up email from Angela. I know these sessions can seem scary but THEY ARE ACTUALLY SO NATURAL AND FUN! I cannot encourage you enough to do these with your partner. Don’t believe me? Read below:


“THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Honestly, we are so speechless, well after I screamed a few times while looking at them. They turned out great! We absolutely love them and WOW that turnaround was super fast. I can’t wait to share them all over social media and get canvases of all the amazing photos and hang them up everything.
We are really truly grateful. Going into this, we were so nervous. We always hated getting our photos taken, we are not photogenic at all, and we are just too goofy to even make anything look nice. You kept giving us positive feedback with a great attitude that it ended up being so much fun and went by pretty fast (actually wanted to stay longer). It felt quick, but you gave amazing direction and kept making us feel good. (Hunter actually said that he would like to do it again!!! Thank you sooo sooo much, and I can’t wait for May!”
Here are my favorites from their Project Passion session!


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