I have been drawn to the idea of intimacy on film for quite some time now. About a year ago, Ben and I did an intimate portrait session in our condo. Since I drag my poor husband in front of the camera about once a year, he is well versed in all of the possible types of photo sessions. After an hour hanging out in loungewear, he admitted that this was his favorite session yet. “I got to wear sweats and snuggle my wife for an hour.. how would I not like that?” was his review. Since the session really brought us closer together, I really wanted to share this experience with more couples. Thus, Project Passion was born.


I love relationships and such a large part of being in a couple is intimacy. My hope is that photographing passion filled portraits will spark playfulness, joy and romance for the couples that I work with. I’ve always felt that photo sessions were a mini date night of sorts: basically Simon Says with some goofy prompts. In an effort to create and capture love, I’ve decided to offer intimate portraits in 2020. Now I know these sessions might seem like they aren’t for everyone… in fact, when I originally pitched the idea to some of my friends their initial reactions was “… so, like soft core porn?” NO! This is a celebration of self love and real connection between two people. There is so much negative imagery involved with the human body and my goal is to correct this type of stigma around intimacy and bodies through intentional portraiture.


I wanted to launch Project Passion during the month of love leading up to Valentine’s Day but I really do feel as though these sessions can be a gift to you and your partner any time of the year. If you’re interested in intimate portraiture, shoot me an email to start the process. Let’s create magic.

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