Bridgette and Peter are two lovely souls that I cannot get enough of. They actually run a very successful video team out of California called Lace and Lapel which I am devastated is not based on the East Coast.  I met them last year while they were filming Hybrid Co and we became fast friends due to our love of our mutual friends James & Jess Witty and Carly Jurach (also crazy talented creatives with big hearts and big laughs). You know when you just click? That’s how I feel about these guys. They are kind, hilarious and two of the hardest working people that I know. At the end of the Hybrid Co this year, I asked them if they wanted some very quick portraits in between their filming. I was actually like the millionth person to ask them this so I was even more thrilled that they said yes! We got to Sunset Cliffs AS the sun was setting so we decided to only snap 2 rolls of film (32 images total!). I even had to push the last roll because we lost light so quickly. This session goes to show that you don’t need hours and hours to take portraits you love. Cannot wait to get these two behind my lens again.  


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