Carolyn and Kenny are the sweetest engaged pair you ever did see! I am obsessed with their lounge style so I can only imagine how stunning wedding day is going to be!  They decided to participate in Project Passion for fun and practice loosening up their smiles for wedding day. Practice makes perfect I always say! Initially, Carolyn was nervous because she feels she doesn’t always look natural on camera but we all had a great time and I caught some amazing natural laughs during our hour in studio this winter. This cozy in studio engagement session was one of my favorites this year. Carolyn wore this amazing feather robe that she is going to bust out again on wedding day! Yay for being able to use fancy lounge clothes more than once! In between frames, since Kenny is in commercial real estate, he and I chatted all about my dream of opening a wedding venue in Florida and I couldn’t wait to hear more about their beautiful DC wedding in the upcoming year. Here are my favorite snaps from their intimate portrait session.


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