Washington DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Session | District of Columbia Wedding Photographer Kir TubenThis pair was a delight to photograph. They drove all the way from Baltimore for this early session before the National Guard closed down the Tidal Basin. Both Ishani and Vikram are health care professionals and the following week, they were slated to be working with at risk populations for COVID-19 so this was the last time these two would have a normal walk outside for the foreseeable future. I was thrilled to be able to give them this happy memory of their engagement before their lives became very heavy from their work. Ishani and Vikram are actually getting married in India! It will be a multiple day celebration that involves most of their friends and family. The way they talked about their wedding radiated joy and really made me so happy that they will get time to celebrate their love after the world calms down. In the midst of all of this craziness, they are actually moving to another state and Vikram is actually starting his focus on diseases! Crazy right? Here are some of my favorite images from their District of Columbia cherry blossom engagement.         


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