I was NOT going to do a behind the scenes  blog post this year, In fact, I HATE the way I look when I am working. This is not a glamorous job people. I sweat. My hair is a hot mess. My makeup runs. I have to wear these really unattractive shoes so my plantar fasciitis doesn’t act up (see photos). But you know what… I don’t care how I look on your wedding day, I care how YOU look on your wedding day. I always show up looking professional with my best foot forward but if I have to sweat and run in the mud and look broken at the end of the night while dancing my heart out on the D-floor with you then who cares! Here are some of my behind the scenes moments from 2019. Some of these were snapped by my wonderful second photographers and some were guest iPhone photos. While I really dislike my physical appearance in these images, this is what I spend most of my weekends doing and, as a true documentarian, I want to remember and celebrate that through photos. I much prefer my 2019 recap post of my couples to remember the year but I have to walk the walk if I say how important photography is as a memory keeper. So here it is folks, 2o19 in all its glory.   


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