Right now, a lot of my couples are unsure how to navigate their wedding plans. The aspect of these conversations that really breaks my heart is when couples are hesitant to celebrate with a small ceremony because they feel it might take away from their big wedding celebration in the future. 💍 Firstly, I understand the loss you’re feeling & I know some of you have been picturing this day for years. That said, who says you only get one meaningful day to celebrate your love? As someone who has done heaps of pre-COVID elopements (many of my military couples get officially married a year beforehand due to deployment and then have a big celebration with family later) I have never found that the couples feel that their big wedding was any less meaningful. There is an indescribable feeling when you commit your love in front of your loved ones no matter if the paperwork is already done. 💕 Give yourself a break. There’s no pressure to do ANYTHING you don’t want to or plan anything that will make you feel sad or stressed. This is all supposed to be FUN so if at any point you don’t feel joy, bail. I, personally, love any reason to celebrate! I encourage you to embrace the now because the future is always uncertain. To mix things up, you can do a design that is super different than what you’re doing (go a little modern if you’re doing romantic, wear a different dress, pick different colors etc)! Friends, celebrate your love however feels authentic to you! Even if that means dancing in your apartment as an engaged couple one more year. 2020: the year eloping in your apartment became acceptable and encouraged. Daniel & Jill had an online ceremony officiated by the DC courthouse & every single one of these images was taken in their apartment building. 💍 Needless to say, they definitely made the community newsletter. When your dog is your witness, you know it’s a perfect wedding.

In a lovely turn of events, these two were featured on BRIDES! When the publication reached out to me wanting to share Jill & Daniel’s elopement, I was beyond excited to see them showcasing authentic celebrations of love amidst the pandemic. Endless thanks to Brides for helping inspire more couples to be madly in love in their living rooms!


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