Would you believe me if I told you that there were HEAPS of people at Lincoln on this morning engagement? We arrived promptly at sunrise to get some privacy and golden hour light… in fact, we actually had to postpone a day because of rain and this was my only weekend on the mall since these two were visiting for one weekend only. We were met with YOGA on the mall! Film cameras and about 40 butts in the air in downward dog. You’d never know right?! What a fun challenge to photograph around the chaos. Rachel and Brandon were unfazed by the pandemonium and had a blast at their DC engagement session. They had to travel back to Atlanta the very next day so I am thrilled we got one day of clear weather! We got to walk the whole reflecting pool talking about best food joints in DC. Here are my favorites from their monument engagement session. Crossing all my fingers that COVID disappears for good in time for their lovely southern wedding next year!


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