Oh man, oh man I loved 2023. The crazy backlog of 2020 finally set itself right and I felt like a normal human with a fun job. This year, I personally captured 38 weddings and my team documented 8. I traveled within the states to North Carolina, California (twice), Florida for Hybrid, New York for Bridal Fashion Week and Pennsylvania for a waterpark! I got to leave the country for a girls’ trip to Paris, two AMV workshops in Bali and Ireland and two bucket list trips to Japan and Peru! I created a few editorials and helped educate at House of Pearl in Middleburg. We got published all over the place and I even hosted a photographer meetup on my new deck. I saw a bunch of concerts and went to a crazy amount of networking parties. I met an ex-president and a Supreme Court justice all while keeping up the studio and shooting 65 weekday sessions (engagements, boudoir, branding and lifestyle/family). My business grossed just shy of half a million dollars and I feel like that is an insane sentence to type. I am so so thankful to the ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN in-person humans that patronized my business this year and the countless others who support me by getting my name out there and cheering me on. Special love to those below for making 2023 a magical year. Bring it on 2024.

February 18th | Hotel Washington | Eva and Charlie

March 11th | The Willard | Anna and Tom

March 24th | Meadowlark | Helen and Chris 

April 2nd | DAR Constitution Hall | Blair and Layth

April 15th | Fleetwood Farm | KT and Dan

April 15th | The Hay Adams | Meredith and David

April 28th | Common House | Steph and Danny

April 29th | 1757 Golf Club | Kayla and Philip

April 29th | Woodend Nature Sanctuary | Brian and Renee

April 30th | Shadow Creek | Ranu and Toni *IMAGES PRIVATE*

May 7th | Mt Ida | Sara and Dave

May 13th | District Winery | Amanda and Nate  

May 19th | Antrim 1844 | Kendal and Matt 

May 20th | Brittland Estate | Niki and Zach

May 21st | American Pharmacist Association | Anna and Rohan

May 28th | The Mayflower Hotel | Jessie and Dillon

May 28th | Airlie | Daniela and Tom

June 3rd | The Willard Hotel | Kelli and John

June 3rd | Private Residence | Ashley and Patrick

June 10th | River Farm | Allie and Henry

June 17th | Iron Gate | Julie and Alan

June 18th | Keswick Vineyards | Naomi and Grant

July 22nd | USNA | Remi and David *IMAGES PRIVATE*

July 29th | Stone Tower Winery | Kristina and Michael

August 5th | USNA | Kevin and Angeline   

August 26th | Fleetwood Farm | Siobhan and Ryan 

September 3rd | Union Station | Emily and Matthew 

September 8th | Stone Tower Winery | Alison and Evan

September 9th | American Pharmacist Association | Katherine and Jack 

September 16th | National Golf Course | Rachel and Carsen

September 16th | Strong Mansion | Calynn and Sereno

September 22nd | Sagamore Pendry | Leila and Josh

September 23rd | Belmont Manor | Lily and Michael 

September 29th | Salamander Resort | Judith and Christopher

September 30th | The Metropolitan Club | Abigail and John

September 30th | Decatur House | Caroline and Aaron

October 6th | The Hay Adams | Liz and Matt

October 7th | Hotel Washington | Maria and Nate 

October 14th | Keswick Vineyards | Katie and Stephen

October 14th | Morais Vineyards | Laura and Kyle

October 21st | American Pharmacists Association | Megan and Daniel 

October 28th | The Hay Adams | Ben and Karen 

November 3rd | District Winery | Kristle and Sam 

November 4th | Carlyle House | Lindsey and Danny

November 11th | Dover Hall | Maggie and Nate 

December 31st | The Pendry | Danielle and Ben


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